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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Professional Practice Goal

Hello, all.  I have become swamped with all I have going on, so the blog is less than updated right now . . . Anyone else kinda busy this fall?

One cool new resource I recently found was the Convention Planner on NCTE's Web site:  I was able to search the program and make a (giant) list of all the events that would be the best for me!  It's only a few weekends away!

This year, my Professional Practice Goal is to work on Student Led Discussion.  I know I need to get better with discussion practices, procedures, rubrics, and protocols this year, so that's my aim!

If anyone can help me, let me know!  I am looking for

  • books on quality and quantity of participation
  • discussion strategies
  • lesson plans
  • participation rubrics and self-assessments
  • systems you use to promote, track, and assess participation
  • anything else that will help me!

As always, email me at if you have a question or resource for me.

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